It was all a dream, they used to read Word Up magazine…

Founded in 2005 by Ian Gotler and Tony Liebetrau, RedShoe is a boutique DJ collective based in Los Angeles and now, Denver. Our DJs are passionate music enthusiasts who enjoy collaborating with their clients. We believe music is the backbone of any successful event and strive to create the perfect ambience for each phase of your party.

Tony (DJT) grew up in Galesburg, Illinois DJing on two boomboxes and wearing his Public Enemy t-shirt down to threads. He earned his first in-school suspension trading explicit lyrics mixtapes for oatmeal cream pies. Ian (DJ IG) spent his formative years in Jersey and NorCal where he rocked the tween party circuit with 90’s dance anthems by Rozalla and C+C Music Factory. Historians would later point to his hosting of the 7th grade talent show as proof of predestiny. The two would eventually meet at USC and bond over their shared love of curating music, attending amazing dance parties, and wearing pajamas to class. They eventually purchased two turntables and a microphone and, after several years of blood sweat and tears, RedShoe was born.

This is how we do it…

Combining high-end event professionalism with superior technical skill and state of the art audio equipment, RedShoe DJs specialize in creating unique, memorable, and collaboratively-crafted soundtracks that bring your guests together – hands in the air – on a packed dance floor.

I’ve been everywhere, man…

From the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals to Coachella and ComicCon, we’ve been behind the decks for industry-leading companies and brands like SpaceX, Google, Pandora, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Disney, Hulu, and The Ace Hotel as well as high-profile celebrities, CEOs, athletes, and musicians. Equally excited to spin at a high-end wedding or backyard BBQ, we feel extremely lucky to do what we love.


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