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May 5, 2010
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May 5, 2010

Playlist #8: The Rolling Stones

Whittling down one of the most beloved catalogs in music history is a fool's errand.

Songs of The Rolling Stones. Whittling down one of the largest and most beloved catalogs in music history is a fool’s errand. The Stones have been synonymous with rock and roll since rock and roll was rock and roll. But as a DJ, part of the gig is making your picks and sticking to them. These are my favorites. So far.


  1. Gimmie Shelter – One of my favorite songs period, it was used by Martin Scorcese in the amazing film The Departed. It’s a great reminder that “war, children, it’s just a shot away…”
  2. Miss You – A super sexy, funky, romp that is a favorite of mine to play during cocktails or right before dancing kicks off. It grooves.
  3. She’s So Cold – The best Rolling Stones track to have meet you on the dancefloor with a pint of beer in a roadhouse bar in the Midwest. Or so they say.
  4. Moonlight Mile – If you’re anything like me, you miss The Sopranos so damn much. This one rocked the credits of “Kaisha”, the finale of the 6th season. It proves them (Keith and Mick, not Tony and Paulie) master lyricists as well as composers and was said to be an homage to life on the road.
  5. Honky Tonk Woman – If you’re at my wedding in August, you’ll probably dance to this song. Or at least see me and my wife dancing to it. Cheers.
  6. Dead Flowers – As I make these lists, I’m realizing how much of my music collection stems from movies and TV. Nevertheless, mentioning this song without giving props to The Big Lebowski is liable to get you yer ass kicked around these parts. (Even if that was the Townes Van Zandt version) This one’s got a little more of an easygoing, upbeat, country vibe.
  7. Prodigal Son – A kick-ass blues romp, it was a cover of Rev Robert Wilkins’ “That’s No Way To Get Along”.
  8. Let It Bleed – “Well we all need someone, we can lean on”. Truer words were never fake twang-ed Mick. I love the honky-tonk bar sound of the piano on this one.
  9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want – This one goes out to my dad, Tom Liebetrau, who had me off-book on this one before I had ever heard the song. A glorious gospel jam complete with shakers and truisms, it really lifts you.
  10. Wild Horses – Originally performed by The Flying Burrito Brothers (and covered by hosts of others including Dave Matthews, The Sundays, and Iron and Wine), no version is better than that of its’ author. The end credits of Shine A Light feature a version of this one without lyrics.


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