Episode 10: Jade
April 2, 2010
Playlist #2: Public Enemy
May 5, 2010

Playlist #1: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

They've stood the test of time, never wavering from the sound that has made them icons.

This section is a weekly rotation of playlist ideas. This weeks’ playlist, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I was lucky enough to catch Tom at the Hollywood Bowl last summer. I expected to see an aging band plodding through an old set list, but they played the show like it was their first time on stage. They’ve stood the test of time, never wavering from the sound that has made them icons of American music.


  1. Walls (Circus) – This one was in the acclaimed movie She’s the One starring Jennifer Aniston and Ed Burns. It was highly acclaimed for being highly bad. Skip the movie, but this is my favorite Petty track that very few know about.
  2. Breakdown – An ultra cool, slinky intro gives way to one sassy Petty. He just doesn’t care. He knows she can’t resist him. Can you? Of course not. A classic.
  3. Here Comes My Girl – This one makes me think of my lady. All you need is love indeed.
  4. Learning To Fly – A fantastic, top down, sunny day, jammy jam.
  5. Don’t Come Around Here No More – In the video he played the Mad Hatter. This one’s as psychedelic as the Heartbreakers get and one of my all time favorites. It opens up at the end, and changes from one of his more subdued tracks to one of his most driving.
  6. You Don’t Know How It Feels – 2.b.reel. Due to the subject matter, I’m thinking this could be where the Cypress Hill front-man/MC got his name. Either way, you have to dig this track. No? I hate you.
  7. Into The Great Wide Open – Quite possibly the greatest song ever written about the small town guy coming to LA with big dreams and absolutely no idea of what he’s getting into.
  8. Free Fallin’ – If you can get the image of Tom Cruise belting this one out in his car in Jerry Maguire out of your head (I have trouble with that), this remains one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Lyrically and musically.
  9. Down South – The best track (though there are several top notch tunes) on his Highway Companion album. “Pretend I’m Samuel Clemens, wear seersucker and white linens”? Genius.
  10. Mary Jane’s Last Dance – A perennial favorite. And a great end of the playlist track. Just some good tasty rock and roll.
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