Episode 9 with special guest Errly Byrd
April 2, 2010
Episode 1: The Breakup
April 2, 2010

Episode 10 with special guest Narwhal

Grizzly Bear, Ghostface Killah, and Can.

The swap meet keeps it eclectic as Narwhal brings in tracks by Grizzly Bear, Ghostface Killah, and Can.

The Red Shoe 5

1. First Concert: Insane Clown Posse (ICP)
2. Last Concert: Akron/Family @ The Troubador
3. Hometown: Detroit, MI.
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Herbie Hancock
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: Give Me Your Love by Curtis Mayfield

1. Shakey Dog, Ghostface Killah
2. She Is Depressed, Narwhal
3. I’ll Take You Home, The Drifters
4. Mushroom, Can
5. Bees, Caribou
6. The Butcher, Leonard Cohen
7. Because They Made It That Way, Mr. Lif
8. Untitled, Joe Flinders and Damien Balthauzer
9. Plans, Grizzly Bear
10. We All Will, Akron/Family
11. A Method, TV On The Radio
12. Banshee Beat, Animal Collective
Empty Playlist