The Grand Budapest Hotel
January 23, 2014
Stayin’ Alive
January 26, 2014

Around the House

Whether it’s me or my lady selecting the track, these are five current tunes that are getting play around my house.

Phantomgram – Black Out Days
Love this tune. Current, moody and heavy with an infectious hook.

Ash Riser – Down
Buddy of mine who’s killing it. Big horns, pitched vocals and gritty raw hip-hop lyrics. Heat.

The xx – Shelter
Great band. Love their sound, and this song is no exception.

Alix Perez – Villains 1 x Heros 0
Razor sharp production blanketing some fresh hip hop lyrics. Turn it up.

Eskmo – Cloudlight
Another track with cutting some cutting edge production. A gorgeous soundscape with crunchy field samples over a bed of synths. Always seems to find its way back into my playlist.

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