Episode 8: Slow Jammin’

PM Dawn, Babyface, 112, and Mad Cobra slip into the bath and make your soul swoon.


  1. I’d Die Without You by PM Dawn – One of the songs that first inspired The Bubble Bath, this track plays your heart strings to perfection.
  2. At Your Best by Aaliyah – Passionate and pure, Ms. Aaliyah’s voice makes that frown turn upside down.
  3. I’m Goin’ Down by Mary J. Blige – A true artist, Mary J. puts her entire being into this powerful song.
  4. U Got It Bad by Usher – It was a toss up between this one and little diddy called Nice and Slow. You can’t loose with either.
  5. Cupid by 112 – I recently rediscovered this song and have been making up for lost time by playing at least once a week. Great harmonies.
  6. Anytime by Brian McKnight – I do a pretty mean cover of this song with accompanying sign language. Lookout YouTube.
  7. When Can I See You by Babyface – Did anyone not make out to this song during their formative years? If you didn’t, its not too late to get on board.
  8. Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge – The remix is great for that 1:00am house party feel and this original is great for…well you know.
  9. Twisted by Keith Sweat – Any soul singer who can pull off the last name Sweat is okay in my book.
  10. Come And Talk To Me by Jodeci – I don’t think I’ve ever listened to all six minutes of this song until I recorded this set…whoa.
  11. I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd – You can’t throw down a slow jam set and leave this puppy out. A true classic, this one will be handed down to my children’s children.
  12. Flex by Mad Cobra – The lyrics are blunt and groove is irresistible. I can’t think of a better way to end this bath.