Episode 10: Jade

Numatic Soul, DJ Krush, Primal Scream, and Art of Noise combine forces in an attempt to explain the mystery of Jade.


  1. Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno – My second track from Brian Eno on The Bath. He’s as ambient as it gets.
  2. Moments In Love by Art of Noise – I can’t believe I haven’t put this in the mix sooner…a classic.
  3. Molfsee by Ulrich Schnauss – Mr. Schnauss paints quite the picture on this track.
  4. Dig This Vibe by DJ Krush – So many to choose from in the DJ Krush library. This one is a standard.
  5. Didjital Vibrations by Jamiroquai – The title on this one says it all.
  6. Rotorblade by Sounds From The Ground – I just discovered this one while listening to XM last week. It’s the first of two tracks I’ll be featuring from this artist.
  7. Wash by Numatic Soul – This beat is dangerous.
  8. My Man’s Gone Now (DJ Wally Remix) by Nina Simone – A love the original and the remix is just as solid.
  9. Summertime (Organica Remix) by Billie Holiday – Again, a great update on a classic track.
  10. Trainspotting by Primal Scream – All good things must come to an end and this bath is no exception. I found this one while revisiting Trainspotting on HBO a few days ago.