“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to remain silent.”

~ Victor Hugo

Between DJing, recording, and playing music, much of my life is devoted to audio. Which means when I need a mini-vacation I have to look outside the boombox. This, coupled with Apple.com’s movie trailer section, has allowed me to become a film-trailer junkie. Here’s my current fix:

Chappie (coming March 5th)

Neill Blomkamp, director of “District 9″ has thrown his hat into the ring again with a new film centered around an A.I. Robot. I’m not sure what more I could ask for! This movie is exploding with interesting, borderline bizarre choices: the mean streets of South African, a robot named Chappie, the husband and wife art rock duo Die Antword starring in central roles, and Hugh Jackman as the nay-saying-super-suspicious-robot-cop who may just have a heart of gold. And despite the inherent weirdness, the trailer leaves me excited for the future! Dreaming of a day, in the not so distant future, when I might call Chappie a friend… and borrow gold chain necklaces from him.

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Of course I love the Beatles and Beethoven, but I wanted to shine a little light on something more current! These are tracks I've picked up over the last few months... Maybe you'll find something you haven't heard yet... and maybe you'll even like it!

You Rascal You
Hanni El Khatib

He’s definitely taking a page from the Black Keys playbook, but this track is just too good to write off.

About That Life
Diplo Feat. Jahan Lennon

Pull back the big bass, and dial down the thunderstorm drums, then throw in some acoustic guitar and a dash of hippy dippy and you’ve got “About That Life”. I’d say it’s the perfect song to wake up to on accident.

From Nowhere
Dan Croll

Fans. Most of the time they come for the vibe, but they stay for the lyrics. Dan Croll is new, and I don’t know much about him, but he’s got a fresh style and the guy can write. That’s good enough for me… for now.

Let’s Go
Matt & Kim

Ummm I’m cheating a little on this one… I mean, song is good, but it basically sounds like every Matt & Kim song – vibrant, bursting, and bouncy! But, the video is unexpected, something akin to a long form Nike commercial. I can dig it.

Where is My Mind
Maxence Cryin

As if the original Pixies track wasn’t good enough, we can fall in love again with this sorrowful, sweet, take on Where Is My Mind.

PS- If you like that one, see also the all-girl Belgium choir Scala & Kolancy’s cover of Radiohead’s Creep. Sorry to be a downer with the music recommendations, but I’m on a roll!

Every fun mix requires a well placed chop here and there. These are mixes I've done for friends, private parties, weddings, & sometimes for no reason at all.