Flume- Holdin’ On

FlumeAustralian DJ/Producer Harley Edward Streten, better known as Flume, is one of the artists I’m currently excited about. He’s developed a signature sound, bordering on synth-pop and trip hop, that adds another cannon to the current arsenal of Future Classic Records. His single “Holdin’ On” is not only a perfect song to pick up the energy in a room, but one that gets feet tapping and ready to dance.

Flume- Holdin On

The New Basement Tapes

DylanThe New Basement Tapes are a supergroup formed by legendary producer T-Bone Burnett. Writing and performing music to recently uncovered, handwritten Bob Dylan lyrics, Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Rhiannon Giddens, Jim James, and Taylor Goldsmith seamlessly breathe life into the lost words of one of the greatest lyricists of all time.  This is a taste of the album, but it’s a perfect vinyl to add to any collection.

The Basement Tapes- Kansas City

Milky Chance-Stolen Dance

The beautiful thing about living in the internet age is that talented unknown artists can blow up overnight (see: Lorde, Sleigh Bells, etc.). “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance is the latest of one of those lucky singles that, with the help of Spotify, became an Indie feel good hit perfect for any kick back playlist w/ friends.

Milky Chance-Stolen Dance

The Obvious Swon Song Addition


PS: “Hey Swon, how come I haven’t been featured on the Swon Song yet?”

Swon: “I dunno, P Simes. You’re one of my all-time favorites. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.”

PS: “Well… maybe now? If it’s a good time?”

Swon: “I gotchu dawg… I gotchu.”

Paul Simon-Obvious Child

Janis Joplin- Mercedes Benz

Janis“You ready? Is the tape moving? I can do this one in one take.” -Janis Joplin (moments before recording this).

Nailed it.

Janis Joplin-Mercedes Benz

HAIM- The Wire


This sister trio from Los Angeles rocks an old school sound very reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. They have a long way to go to actually rival the monstrous catalogue of the Mac’s hits, but this catchy album is a fresh and welcome start.

HAIM- The Wire

Poolside- Do You Believe

PoolsideThe LA-based duo combined disco with electronic chillwave to create their debut album Pacific Standard Time. “Do You Believe” is one of my favorite tracks off the album. A song that falls somewhere between cocktails and a dance floor, but perfect for either.

Poolside- Do You Believe

Purity Ring- Fineshrine

PurityRingI had the pleasure of stumbling across Purity Ring at the last Coachella and, given that her vinyl has been in top 10 rotation on the Swon household record player, I figured I’d share it here.

Purity Ring- Fineshrine

Icona Pop- I Love It

IconaPopSeldom does a Top 40 song make the Swon Song cut, but this Swedish DJ duo made one that’s just too catchy.

Warning: Listening to this song may cause it to play repetitiously in your head.

Icona Pop- I Love It

Never Goin’ Back

F'wood MacHere’s a fun Cosmic Kid’s remix of Fleetwood Mac’s “Never Going Back Again”. Amazing what a simple beat can do to revitalize an old classic. Check out more from the Cosmic Kids at their Soundcloud page here.

Fleetwood Mac- Never Going Back Again (Cosmic Kids Remix)