Episode 14 with DJ Sivart

Come for the music, stay for the chat! DJ Sivart (aka Travis Hammer) is in the house with an aggressive, all-British set for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy tracks from Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and Klaxons.

1. First Concert: Flogging Molly (NYE 2009)
2. Last Concert:
Bassnectar @ The Wiltern
3. Hometown:
Alton, IL.
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Sons of Carol (Robert Baker & Andrew Culver)
5. Go-To Hook-Up Jam:
Glycerine by Bush

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Episode 12 with Chilly Willy Phatsax

You will never be the same after special guest DJ Chilly Willy Phatsax gets into your eardrums. He’ll change your life one song at a time with the likes of Jamie Lidell, Cat Stevens, and Laura Marling.

1. First Concert: Guns and Roses. Use Your Illusion Tour
Last Concert:
Phoenix at the Hollywood Bowl
Houston, Texas
Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform:
Jimi Hendrix
Go-To Hook-Up Jam:
Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

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Episode 11 with DJ Swon

The newest and only addition to RedShoe team comes out swinging with LCD Soundsystem, Mumford and Sons, and The Fiestas.

1. First Concert: Goldfinger @ The Supertoad in Des Moines, IA
2. Last Concert: LCD Soundsystem @ Hollywood Palladium
3. Hometown: Des Moines, IA
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Simon & Garfunkel or Daft Punk
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: Purple Rain by Prince

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Episode 10 with special guest Narwhal

The swap meet keeps it eclectic as Narwhal brings in tracks by Grizzly Bear, Ghostface Killah, and Can.

1. First Concert: Insane Clown Posse (ICP)
2. Last Concert: Akron/Family @ The Troubador
3. Hometown: Detroit, MI.
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Herbie Hancock
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: Give Me Your Love by Curtis Mayfield

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Episode 9 with special guest Errly Byrd

The swap meet gets classy with host Errly Byrd and the timeless sounds of Dinah Washington, Lena Horne, Esther Phillips and Peggy Lee.

1. First Concert: Boyz II Men, Evolution Tour
2. Last Concert: Citizen Cope @ The House of Blues
3. Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Chet Baker
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: Ai Du by Ali Farka Toure

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Episode 8 with special guest DJ Tapwater

The swap meet overflows with talent as Tapwater lays down solid tracks from Vampire Weekend, AA Bondy, Neil Young and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

1. First Concert: The Beach Boys (1986)
2. Last Concert: Le Switch @ The El Rey
3. Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Jeff Buckley
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: Explosions in the Sky

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Episode 7 with special guest Half Adams

The first guest back from hiatus drops tunes by Wilco, Four Tet, Feist, and Hot Chip.

1. First Concert: Salt-n-Pepa Let’s Talk About Sex Tour
2. Last Concert: Hot Chip in the Gobi Tent at Coachella 07
3. Hometown: Toronto Ontario Canada
4. Artist You’d Most Like To See Perform: Freddie Mercury
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: Last 3 Minutes of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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Episode 6 with special guest That Old Queen

Featuring music by Johnny Cash, Nina Gordon, Dan Bern and Bing Bong Brothers.

1. First Concert: Kenny Loggins opening for Rick Springfield
2. Last Concert: Joanna Newsom
3. Hometown: Peculiar
4. First Girlfriend: Jennifer Gragg
5. Go-to Hook-Up Jam: She’s Got a Way (Billy Joel)

Episode 5 with special guest Mooderick

A rare appearance from reclusive Halloween party host, Mooderick. Featuring music by the Gorillaz, Scissor Sisters, TV on the Radio and Joy Division.

Episode 4 with special guest The Brain

Special guest DJ, The Brain, takes it to the next level with an all vinyl set. Includes songs by Willie Nelson, Jimi Hendrix and Ike and Tina.